Product Data Sheet

Engine Armour Techn” is an innovative new technology ceramic formula that significantly improves the lubrication and performance of rotating metal assemblies. This proprietary metal treatment reduces friction and wear of hot moving metal components and is proven to reduce operation and maintenance costs of engines, transmissions, gearboxes and more..

While Engine Armour Techn” is applied via the engine oil port, it is neither an oil additive nor oil replacement, but rather an engine metal treatment. It creates a protective barrier that bonds (by heat) to internal metal surfaces. It cleans away carbon deposits and fuses into the microscopic metal pores. When fully cured, it becomes a glass-smooth ceramic finish that significantly reduces friction, prevents the formation of sludge & abrasive carbon, reduces wear on components, saves maintenance costs and maximizes uptime.

Engine Armour Techn” is an inert, non-flammable, environmentally friendly liquid with no VOCs, solvents, silicone graphite, molybdenum or PTFE (Teflon).

Using Engine Armour Tech