2004 Freightliner Classic with Condo Sleeper

➦ Caterpillar “6NZ” C-15, 550hp, 1850lb-ft “stock”
➦ Eaton Fuller 13 speed overdrive
➦ 3.73 rear-end ratio
➦ 12,000lbs front axle / 40,000lbs tandem rear axle
➦ 11R22.5 Michelin XDN2 drive tires
➦ 11R22.5 Michelin XZA1+ steer tires
➦ All aluminum wheels
➦ Dual breathers and exhaust
➦ Aft 140gal. fuel tanks and fore steps/boxes
➦ 21″ Texas bumper


➦ 2012 53′ Utility dry van
➦ Tandem axle
➦ 11R22.5 Michelin XTE tires
➦ All aluminum wheels
➦ Trailer wind skirts

Pierre Comeau - Keltic Transport

Pierre Comeau is the owner-operator at Keltic Transport. He treated the engine of his 2004 Freightliner Classic with Engine Armour Tech™ with clear and positive results …. on the same routes that he has been driving for years.

A Significant Increase in Fuel Economy

Pierre’s usual route is Moncton-Boston-Clifton, NJ-Toronto-Quebec.After treating his engine with Engine Armour Tech™, he has experi-enced a significant increase in fuel economy.

On the first part of his run, he travelled from Moncton, NB to Clifton, NJ (a total of 1532 Km).

When Pierre fueled up in Clifton, he realized that his fuel mileage was 9.0 mpg, an 11% increase in fuel economy from the 8.1 mpg he typically experiences.

On the second part of his run, Pierre traveled from Clifton to Toronto to Quebec and then home (a total of 2374 Km).

When Pierre fueled up in New Brunswick, he realized that his fuel mileage had increased to 9.3 mpg, a 15% increase in fuel economy from the 8.1 mpg he usually experiences.

Route 1 Summary

Mileage: 9.0 mpg

Route 2 Summary

Mileage: 9.3 mpg

More Than Just Better Fuel Economy

In addition to the fuel economy gain, Pierre also noticed:
➦ Engine was cooler in rush hour traffic
➦ There was a 5 psi gain in turbo boost
➦ He had more torque at low rpm

Red Truck

Quieted a Noisy Transmission

“We also tested the product on transmissions, again with great success. The man-ual transmission on a truck was having some noise issue. We decided to use this transmission to test the effect of the product and applied it to the noisy transmis-sion. After approximately 250 km of driving the transmission noise completely dis-appeared and the shifting became much smoother.”

Ronald Carroll - Ronald Carroll Trucking

Owner of a truck fleet operating in the forest industry for over 25 years. His fleet consists of 15 Semi Trucks, with some operating on the highway, but most are in a forest environment subjected to harsh conditions. Mr. Carroll serves as head mechanic for his own fleet.

Reduced Oil Consumption

The most significant effect I saw when applying the product to my 2005 Peterbilt Truck which I would describe as close to a mira-cle. The oil consumption before on a round trip to Toronto was about 5 to 7 liters of oil (approximately 2800 km trip). For the test we topped up the oil after a warm up the engine according to the instructions then we added one 16oz bottle of the product to the engine Oil and drove again to Toronto and back, the oil level this time remained, the engine became much smoother after about 100 km and the noise level dropped, the horsepower certainly increased and overall experience I found pretty impressive.

My Engine Stays Clean

“When the old truck had only about 1,100,000 km we had an issue with sleeve that moved and when we opened up the engine I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the engine components on how clean everything was and how bearings looked like they were brand new, the sleeve showed no marking of wear or scratches, the pistons looked like new and I even took the parts to Caterpillar in Moncton, New Brunswick which they verified the Piston and sleeves were still at factory specs, I decided to put in new rings and used the same pistons then put the engine back together and to this day that truck runs perfectly smooth like the day we applied the product to the engine.”

Over 1.8 Millon km ....

“The first truck that was treated now passed 1,846,000 km and 9 other trucks have now just over 1,000,000km and the rest un-der the million mark. It is important for me to let you know that on the oldest truck with 1.8 million km we never had a need to open the transmission for any issues. This is unseen or unheard of because when these kind of transmissions reach between 800,000 to 1,000,000 km always require changing the synchronizer. But the transmission is solid and shifts very smooth. The rest of the fleet transmissions show no signs of failure and are also working very smooth.”

Cutting Edge Maintenance & Performance Technology

Engine Armour Tech™ is an innovative new technology ceramic formula that significantly improves the lubrication and performance of rotating metal assemblies. This proprietary metal treatment reduces friction and wear of hot moving metal components and is proven to reduce operation and maintenance costs of engines, transmissions, gearboxes and more. It cleans away carbon deposits and fuses into the microscopic metal pores. Engine Armour Tech™ bonds to metal to become a glass-smooth ceramic finish that improves the dispersal of oil. It significantly reduces the formation of sludge & abrasive carbon, reduces wear on components, saves maintenance costs and maximizes uptime.