10 years of successful track record in Canada & 12+ countries
Engine Armour Tech™ is a unique ceramic technology formula that has been well proven to reduce engine wear in tests by multiple independent laboratories and 10 years of successful track record in Canada and 12+ countries.

Oil interval testing consistently shows “healthier” oil with clear signs of reduced wear on engines.

What We Do


Engine Armour Tech™ is a penetrating ceramic liquid penetrating metal sealer. It clears away soot & carbon deposits and fuses into microscopic pores in metal. It also prevents the formation of sludge & abrasive carbon.

The heat activated formula forms a durable glass-smooth ceramic shield that significantly reduces friction, operating temperature and abrasion. Engine Armour Tech™ improves oil’s dispersal on hot metal, helps rings achieve better compression and achieve a better burn – and reduces blow-by and decimating the amount of abrasive soot & carbon that get into an engine. Engine Armour Tech™ goes BEYOND what engine oil & additives can do on their own.

Engine Armour Tech™ is NOT an oil additive – but rather an inert liquid that WILL NOT mix with oil or change oil viscosity.  The effects of treatments extend PAST oil changes and can last as long as a year – depending on time and intensity of engine use. 

Engine Armour Tech™ is SAE J1321 tested – and proven to reduce fuel consumption.   It has been proven safe for engines and shown to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce soot build-up in DPF, turbo chargers and EGR valves.  Engine Armour Tech™ ALSO enhances engine performance – by promoting a more complete burn – thereby increasing torque, horsepower – reduced fuel consumption & emissions.

Why Us

With Engine Armour Tech™, preventative maintenance JUST GOT BETTER

Lubricants treat symptoms – We ATTACK the cause of soot & carbon damage. Lab Reports consistently report SIGNIFICANT increases in torque, horsepower, fuel milage and reduced emissions. Engine Armour Tech™ – like no other.

WHY is Engine Armour Tech™ setting a new standard in preventative maintenance?

Operations savings, maintenance savings, improved reliability, reduced down-time, extended unit service life – all benefits of treating with Engine Armour Tech™. Oil & predictive failure analysis consistently show equipment treated with Engine Armour Tech™ contains significantly lower levels of trace metal contaminants – a clear indication of less abrasion & wear going on inside equipment engines.

Engine Armour Tech for Business or Personal Use