About Engine Armour Tech

How Does EA Tech Work ?

Reduces Surface Friction

➥Engine Armour Tech™ penetrates & seals jagged microscopic surfaces
➥Fills in metal imperfections with a durable ceramic metal sealer

Enhances Oil Performance

➥Engine Armour Tech™ treatment facilitates more complete dispersal of engine oil on hot metal surfaces
➥Provides more effective lubrication between moving metal components

Interrupts the Soot & Carbon Cycle

➥Engine Armour Tech™ improves the lubrication seal of piston rings to a near perfect seal
➥Improves engine performance - compression & horsepower
➥Reduces blow-by SIGNIFICANTLY
➥Reduces particulate clogging in DPF units, EGR valves, turbos

How Engine Armour Tech Works

Engine Armour Tech™ penetrates and bonds to metal , and continues working after oil is replaced. Re-treatment depends on the elapsed service time and intensity of the work on the treated engine or assembly.